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Saturday, August 7, 2010

writing for my heart...

hi there.. diz is my second blog.. i wrote it bcoz juz 2 share with you about the life of being single is better then couple..**wink..

i love being single AT DIZ TIME bcoz..
i can do whatever i want,
i can meet whoever i want,
i can shopping whenever i want,
i can talk with everyone i want...

so... people out there.. please stop it..
dont meng"usha" me anymore..
bcoz.. AT DIZ TIME will never accept whoever want me!!

budaya berCOUPLE semase remaja semakin membuak2..=D

sedangkan.. sigh***

lom tentu 2 jodoh kite..

so..for me..

im trying to not to bercouple at this time..

im trying to not to ikut sgt style remaja yg suke couple skrg..

bcoz.. i realize that im not matang yet..haha..

yeaaa~ my frens who know me.. they know who DINA is..

im not perfect.. im just a little girl hunting for better life.. =)


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