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Thursday, August 12, 2010

long path | short time

a crazy day it was
things that i should not have said
things that i should not have done
had all been said and done
in 5 minutes

i stormed out of the building
with a view to run away
run away to a place where no one can disturb

i wanted to spend 5 minutes alone
i wanted to sit down and think
of what i said
of what i did

riding my bike
with the wind behind me
i rushed into the evening traffic
hoping to set right certain things

blinded by fury
clouded by sadness
i was a maniac on the roads
driving at the speed of light

i sped past everyone
stopping nowhere
i reached my destination
a small little cafe
in the middle of the city

escaping a chaotic and fast paced city
i stepped inside a shangrila
with no one to disturb
with no one seemingly caring a dime
i took my place in the corner
placed my order
and set about thinking
about what i had done

5 minutes all it took
for the gates of heaven to open up
5 minutes of madness
now washed away by 5 minutes of realization

5 minutes it took
to find myself once again
5 minutes is all it took
for me to find life once again

5 minutes of crying out (loud)
is all that was needed
if only i thought about it all
for a mere 5 minutes

a time of sorrow
now washed away in just 5 minutes
a lifetime full of happiness
now back inside me in just 5 minutes


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