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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

where | is | the | love |

where is the love?
where is the love comes from?

why.. am i grown up?
why.. am i here?

what.. i have to do?
what.. i shouldn't do?

watch diz people..its getting serious now.. nauzubillah hi min zalik..

what can you see?
which part of sense u use to see?
how u feel it?
have you ever imagine?

lets check diz out..

is it true is there any "manusia berhati binatang"
or.."binatang is more berhati then manusia"

khalifah..back to fitrahNYA,,,
im just sharing..
sorry if is there any mistake that i did..
yang baik itu datangnya dari ALLAH S.W.T...
and yang kurang baik itu datangnya dari my own mistake..
juz for renungan bersama..


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