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Friday, August 13, 2010

butterfly | me

slowly waking up from the
fantasy of a dream
my hand searches in vain
for the dream to be a reality

dreams are like a flower
only when they bloom
we realize how wonderful it can be!
or how horrible its going to be!

i sit upon a dream
patiently waiting for it to bloom
nurtured it for a long time,
with all things good!

time, i have spent!
love, i have given lots of!
hope, i have infused into it!
confidence, i have plenty of it!

from a cocoon that i built around myself
i changed into a beautiful little butterfly
waiting to soar into the light of the day
taking my dream along with me!

perched on the flower
that is now my dream,
i wait for it to bloom
to seal my fate – life or death!


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