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Sunday, August 8, 2010

a cup of tea...

hai... salam petang, have a cup of tea, with biskut kering jacobs + nutella on top.. what a nice day..

cuaca yg agak terang di putrajaya.. a nice day to have shoot..but, i prefer to stay at my sweet home with my mummy..
die tgh tanda kertas latihan drawing skolah teknik kl..huhu..
best gak kacau umi ni..hahaha..(sy suka mrh umi bile bg student die mrkh tggi wlpn dwg slh) huhuhuhu

hurmm... hari ni..there's someone who's trying to mtk maaf from me.. but i do maafkn die.. tetapi susah nk rapat ngn die lg dh.. bcoz i hate liar..

so, harap die fhm..and juz lalui hidup anda seperti biase..

jgn difikirkn tentang cinta,
kerana cinta badan binasa..

we are too young to think about diz matter,..

chill beb~


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