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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tears of my | heart |

last few years...when the love was g.o.n.e.

i realize that.. i feel |e.m.p.t.y|...sometimes..
i realize that.. i'm nobody..
i realize that.. i will never been here, if THEY were never been together..
i realize that.. their love have never ever been replaced..

i feel that my life is not like others..

i was wondering... why was it's ends up like this?
i was wondering... why it should ends up like this?
i was wondering... is there any other ways to make THEM still together?
i was wondering... how can i live when they were not been together anymore?

then.. its getting even more worse..

until... D day comes...
until... i feel likes can i run from all this stupid idiot things?
until... i feel THEY don't love me..
until... i don't know where else to go..

then.. im trying to escape..
then.. im alone..
then.. i have nobody...
then.. im trying to understand..
adults,im too young to understands all that at that time..
look into my eyes..its hurt..its killing me..

every.. morning before i go to school..
THEY dry my hair
THEY give"bekal"sandwish.burger.nasilemak.roticanai.& more.cooked by my mom..
THEY ask me too don't be naughty..

every.. night before i fall asleep..
THEY chat with me..
THEY turn off the light..
THEY blanket my body..
THEY put my bears around me..until i fall asleep..

now i know..there are..

no more.. dinner time together..
no more.. minum petang with ikan celup tepung my mom..
no more.. picnic at beach...
no more.. blik kampung with THEM..

is the love really gone??


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