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Monday, September 20, 2010

apilog | cinta | hati | snack |


when people said..

we break..okay.. but, just for a moment..


masuk di akal kah?

then nak pjuk2 blik manis giler..
perghhh... cair kot..

brader... kalo dh break.. lu ingt gua ni ape??
kit kat?? [take a break with kit kat]

ke ape?? blh order kt drivethrough??

suare mesin: welcome to mcdonald..may i take ur order sir?

customer: yea..sure... please give me a glass of dina's heart..
then a bucket of dina's love..

suare mesin: that all sir??

customer : one more thing,do you have.. the ice cool of dina's care put some oreo on it..

suare mesin: oraip.. u can pay now on the next pit stop..thanx for coming.


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